Adorable smile

A wide smile, pink cheeks, nice hair and the most adorable puppy face I’ve seen and his name is Ah Hai.
I saw him in a Taiwanese film I was watching, by the name Zone Pro site. It was funny, simple in a very exciting and wildly crazy sense. It wasn’t unnecessarily complicated or full of ideas put in to change me, it was a feel good movie about the relationship we have with food.
My favorite character in the movie was Ah Hai (played by Tony Yang), and his boy next door appeal works well and then he reveals a bad boy angle of his life in prison which is a brilliant plot twist.
His character reminds me of all the ideal boys that a lot Indian movies project, the ‘Rahul’ (common name for a male lead in Bollywood movies). The familiarity with the character I made changed my viewing experience because I constantly put myself in his shoes, because I’ve always done that since childhood.
There are these three Master chefs, Master Silly mortal, a simple living underground cooking for the poor and does it for the passion from ingredients supplied by all the people who eat from his little shack kitchen. Then there’s Master Fly spirit who owns a small restraunt and cooks food that’s about food makes one happy. And finally Master Ghost head a gangster who loves cooking. He believes everybody needs a theme song is playback of 70’s Mando pop superstar Liu Wen Zheng’s hit song ‘Deep in Thoughts (沉思)‘.
The three Master Chefs, the mother and the protagonist (daughter of master fly spirit) are beautifully crafted characters played by actors, who are big names in the Taiwanese film Industry.
I won’t tell you about the movie, because you should watch it.


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