Craving Momos

I’m craving Momo’s😭
I can’t find any good stuff…

Damn. Now I’m craving momos.

I have been craving momos for over two weeks now. I tried some in a little stall right outside my college, the stall here has the best mustard and chilli sauce I’ve had. But the momos here are okay, nothing super exciting about them.

I was soaking wet from the rain and I had offered to drop my friend home too. We decided it wasn’t really worth stopping, so I rode till I saw this little boy and girl selling momos with their grandparents. My friend said they were “bloody amazing” and I had to try. I was riding barefoot because my shoes weren’t waterproof, so I put them away safely inside my scooter. I stood under a little umbrella with a hot stove and steamer hardly two feet away from me that warmed my legs as it rained. I ate the steaming hot chicken momos by rolling and slathereing each one in the red chilli sauce. I gulped eight little momos and I wish I had time and money for more momos.
The first time I ate momos the guy gave me stale and under cooked ones, that made me avoid momos for a year. I could taste the weird, under-cooked maida, and it reminded of chewing cardboard from old, cheap, notebooks. As a kid I had a phase where I chewed just about anything, from metallic tablet covers, newspapers, books, brown wrap, pages from notebooks and what not.
I have a friend who claims materchef culinary skills and specialises in Japnese cusine. He claims to be able to make the most delicious beef or pork momos. Sadly it’s always the claim and never the food. Now I just want someone to take me out for really gooa momos.
My ex took me out for food as an apology or for winning something to a place where they cheese filled momos. The cheese in the chicken stuffing made my mind go berserk and devoured all of them and didn’t share any with her. This is one of my favourite places to eat momos.
My craving has just gotten worse.


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