Opening the Dosa

Walked back ten, maybe fifteen years in time when I entered a little room that was hiding behind the Yellamma Dasappa (now Dhanwantri) Hospital.


The hospital Canteen has four tables and each with a pair of benches on both sides.

It looked like something from a 90s Kannada movie, where the hero would use the canteens famous ‘Open Dosa’ to win the heroine’s heart. He’d probably say the melting butter on the Dosa is his heart melting. He’d add like the butter his love would just add more flavor to the Dosa that is their life.


While this melodrama goes on, a ginger cat would walk to anyone sitting under the tree or around the Canteen and make sure you give it attention. When it’s satisfied it would wag it’s tail and walk away, and into the kitchen for milk.


As the masala or gun powder mixed with butter is being licked off the fingers, the fragrant coffee comes in little glasses. They make fresh tea every time you ask for it, but filter coffee freaks continue to drink coffee. They have lunch meals that seem to attract all the office employees in the neighborhood along with the Josephites during lunch hours.


In the evenings they serve bajjis which seem to be pretty popular because there Cottonion boys munching on them.
The Canteen also serves masal Dosa, idly and vada, Ravi idly, puliogare (tamrind rice) for breakfast. Masala Dosa and open dosa are available through out the day.
Photos: Ankit


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