Masala Chai


I ordered a Masala chai and picked the first booth as I walked into Dyu art cafe; there was a couple sitting in the booth next to mine. All the other booths and tables were occupied with couples between the age groups of sixteen and sixty or more, a group of college girls, office goers and even a family of five. A heterosexual couple and their three kids.
Asha and Ravi, the couple in the booth next to me, they have been drinking a pot of chamomile tea. “I’m sorry your parents found out about us like this, I really wish I could have been there to support you. I was so sure your amma (Mother) and appa (father) would have liked me”, said Ravi. “It’s too late for that kano, let’s just hope your parents like me and”, Asha’s phone started to vibrate and sing “Endendigu” (a romantic Kannada song). “Haa, amma…, I’m at the office canteen, yes Sangeetha is dropping me to the bus stop and I’m leaving now.” She gets up and Ravi follows her out to the counter, where she pays the bill and they head out.
I continued to sip on my Masala chai, I tried to listen to and watch the rain. The rain from
The group of girls from Christ University who had been sitting in the booth behind me and I tried to block out because of their loud chattering and out of the blue they broke into a song and started clapping to it. I was worried they might break into a dance and worse I might have to watch it because that would have been impossible to block out.


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