Beautiful white lilies in all directions, it was an ocean of white flowers and every step on the grass, barefoot tickled the feet. And the weather was perfect, comfortably warm light, it was never too hot or cold. There was comfortable breeze around, it smelt like either monsoon or spring, based on the time of the year.
The garden smelt heavenly and I guess that’s why Madonna walked its length to say thank you to each flower for sharing their beauty with the world.
In a garden so beautiful Madonna ran into a little girl, who sat on little corner staring into oblivion.
What’s your name little one?”, asked Madonna, in a warm and affectionate tone. “Annabelle, that’s my name.“, she said without turning her face.
Annabelle wore a beautiful ivory coloured dress, she’d made the it herself. She spent over six months on the embroider on her sleeves, she had to work at the dress store for three months to get the material to make her dress pretty and made a thousand flowers to get just the twenty flowers free of cost.

Annabelle was waiting for her friend Rachel, the only girl she ever liked and was nice to her, despite everything their friendship stood cold winters, colder days of silence only to watc it bloom in Spring.
She held on to the Wreath tighter and Madonna caught that, and asked her “why are you here Annabelle?
I’m waiting for my friend, she promised to meet here but she’s late and I’m worried because my friend is never late.”
Annabelle still hadn’t turned behind and out of curiosity she did turn around to see the face of the speaker only to her surprise there was nobody there. She assumed she was just hearing things because she hadn’t eaten in a while and her mind must have been playing tricks.
The girl Annabelle was waiting for had died of Pneumonia the previous day but because she was from a different town the news hadn’t reached her yet.
Madonna saw what this information could do to the little girl,and she also knew the potential magic running in her blood because they were from the same family.


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