The end


I’m feeling scared and mostly worried. I’m getting emotionally involved, and I have no idea what the fuck is going on in her head, our days are numbered and I want to make the most of it. She wants me to hold her, kiss her but only in the covers of dark. She isn’t the same girl in the morning as she is at night. Darkness brings out the wild side in her.
She’s a quiet girl sitting by herself in the corner, you’d easily miss her if you weren’t looking, because it’s best not to draw attention to yourself.
She is a beast on the inside and her wild side takes over in bed, because control helps her feel safe and I felt loved.
My fingers traced her face, ran through her brown hair, traced the freckles on her skin,  brushed the delicate sun kissed skin, kissed the Scars and looked into her eyes only to see pain.
Pain I couldn’t do anything about because I  don’t have the time to hold her tight till she knows it’s safe. I think all I can and should do is be part of her memories, which she could cherish and tell her that dark nights are always followed by a bright day.
We’re on the count down, it’s Monday afternoon and she’s leaving on Sunday nights plane. She is sitting three rows ahead of me and all I can think of his holding her close, listening to her heartbeat and my fingers tracing her skin.
He’s blind to all the passes I’ve made, and I had to literally tell him what was happening. It was fun, I enjoyed pushing him on to the bed and his lips are soft, it’s weirdly soft. But I was more surprised at how much he opened up to me as I told him about myself and I’ve enjoyed his company.


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