Shopping Alone


It’s not so bad, shopping alone.
I freaked out when I stepped in to the first two stores, but I then pulled myself together and entered the third store looked through the tee-shirts and picked out three. I was proud of myself.
Two were yellow, that went well with grey jeans. The other was red and grey striped or grey with red stripes but it made my skinny itchy. I picked one out of the three and bargained it for half the price and it felt really good, that I was able to buy it and not walk out of the store.
Then got cold coffee and ate a masal dosa with my pretty friend. I loved how comfortable she looked and we talked about her dew drop shaped violet pendent on a purple chain.
We went to the first store I ran from and bought two phone covers for myself and we explored the stores. Maybe next time I might run from just one store.


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