Heart break’s Crappy

Neither tear stained cheek nor broken bones change what I feel for you.


I was falling for you and you started to walk away. I put up lights on my window hoping it would help you find me. I wrote letters to tell you where I am. I never lied to you because I can’t and I liked that. I thought you’ll be my happily forever after, but I’m still sitting in my hole shivering, screaming and crying.
The first time you put your head on my shoulder and cried, I wanted to hold you tight and that I will never let you cry again. I wanted to be closer to you but the distance never really helped and you did come close one night, and I liked it. But that was the end and it only seemed to get worse.
You stopped talking to me, I realised you don’t want me and it didn’t matter to me, then.
But it started to when another walked in to my place with you. I was jealous, I wanted to be better and I realised I liked you more than I was willing to admit. I told you and we met, only to realise you don’t like me that way or ever will.


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