Monsoon Stories


I finished dinner and since it was my semester break there was nothing I wanted to do, other than the lazying around in front of the Idiot box. I did that sometimes but mostly slept like I was in hibernation.My mother wanted to watch the Idiot box, so I got up and went out to greet the rain.
The drizzle was pleasent and I decided to take a walk, bare foot. The perks of living in a street with just two buildings on one side and a huge private forest (Military camp) on the other side, is the  privacy and quite.
I walked with my hands dancing to the beats of the rain and tunes from the wind. My hands wavered like the trees and the rain was alternating between heavy and light drizzling.
I was startled by a transformer bursting on a parallel street and the rain got heavy, for a minute. Everything was in greyscale filter and it felt filmi and dramatic, I loved it.
The weather flooded my head with rain stories or memories.
I was eight and my family lived in a house with sheets for roofing and it was the first Monsoon. The roof leaked and I remembered movies were pots and pans were kept under the leaks, so I started doing that and my sister followed me. My Dad went out and I only saw him the next morning. My mother still cringes slightly everytime I talk about that story and that was our only monsoon there.
I remember monsoons with snoopy my Dog running around the house and barking at thunder. Monsoon in school where I stared outside the class room window and watched the rain. I remembered telling my girlfriend in school that I wanted to kiss her in the rain.
I continued to swim in the pool of thoughts and memories, and occasionally bumped into a water lilly or a broken tree.


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