I don’t remember the Last I felt so comfortable, at least with another human being who isn’t my best friend. I can’t stop myself from telling all the things that run in my head because I don’t understand what is happening in your mind, because neither your words nor actions give it away.
I say things that are stupid or very annoying and these have always made people walk away but I didn’t care and suddenly I do now. It feels like a terrible version of Twilight and I hate that, I don’t want to feel clichèd and put into a demographic. I have been trying to find myself that I think is hidden under all the layers that my family, community, society, friends, teachers, Media and everything that has had an influence on me.
It’s the stupidest thing I choose to do at the age of thirteen, I realise at twenty one. But can I change myself or stop being something that is destructive to my psychological and social well being. My behaviour isn’t asocial but seems to be turning anti social because it’s driving away every meaningful relationship.


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