Summer, leave already

From Tumblr

When it rains, I want to stare at the cloudy sky and watch the rain make its way down, wetting flowers, buildings, branches, windows, leaves, and my blue jeans.
From frozen windows I see lights, hear silly voices talking. I walk down the street as the beady eyes from the gate behind continue to follow me. I stopped paying attention to the world when the rain grew stronger and visibility decreased, because it was just the rain and me.
I want it to come and hold me tight, because I can’t stand the heat. I can’t forget the magic it sparked the first time it touched my lips.
I want to let the cold rain drench my body and wash away the invisible impurities from my skin, soul and dreams.
I want to feel the cold slide down my skin and stroke my body like a canvas to paint a picture of wild dreams. The strokes made me feel things I didn’t know I could feel.
Jealous wind tried to blow, it made the rain crazy and me cry. In its arms I’d found comfort and peace only to loose in a breeze.


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