I love Bhel

The Metro station was just a few yards behind me, the cacophony from the road on my left was annoying but surprisingly I didn’t care and the Metro track right above it was calm, and on my left was the army grounds and it’s beautiful and quite forest patch, an alarming contrast.
I watched you fiddle with your phone and once every few minute your head popped up and you made funny faces at me. Your hand swam through your wavy hair



back to the start again, this was a Crazy cycle I enjoyed watching. While your other hand continued to touch your phone inappropriately

again and again


We sat there in silence, and I took everything to memory. Your giggles, the cute smile, quite eyes, the weird man who took his Kurt off on the boulevard and when you held my hand as we crossed the deadly road.
We moved our asses to Airlines for coffee, but you drank lime soda. We spoke about random things and I told you I was hungry, and craved for ‘Bhel puri'(a chat, Indian savoury snack) . Like a magician you took out a haldirams ready to eat Bhel, it was one of the most filmy moments of my life. And I am a sucker for all the fine and filmy things of Daily or regular life.
We left because you felt obligated to leave when the waiter cleared our table, and we walked to chill at Cubbon Park.
The conversation there got intense and I knew that you are one of the finest people I met.
We live in the same city, 35 kms apart and we write letters to each other. The first post card and letter you sent were absolutely beautiful and definitely made me jump out of excitement. This is the end of the beginning of our friends.


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