Snoopy my pet Alsatian is 11 years old. My driver found him, when it almost got run over. We got him a week before my birthday and I declared he was my birthday gift.
I grew up with him, when I was younger I have been an Ass Hole and I have hit him. But I grew up and we got closer, because we always went out for long walks often and they got longer when I was sadder.
We moved into a new house and the landlord is not okay with pets. So my parents decided to send him to my farm.
We moved over a week ago and he’s still around and I felt relieved. Today I came back home at 9pm to find out they have sent him away for

That is him, I took the picture.

I remember his tears every time I was sick in bed bed or had a wound. I remember the time he licked my ear when I was in bed with a fever.

I miss him Already.


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