It’s a park inside a huge living quarters, tall buildings, tree canopies and narrow or narrower roads make this a Labyrinth.
But living close to it for the last 12 years, I’ve been able to get myself out. There are 3 playgrounds and two of them have a pair of swings, see-saw and merry go rounds.
I have these random moments where

I want to sit on the swing and not swing.

Or I’d want to ice cream in the middle of the night and sometimes hot filter coffee or tea in the night.
I like to just sit on it, and talk to my friend (Manju) who is the only friend I like to go there with.

I have been there alone a few times and once with an ex girlfriend.

Its a really pretty and small space hiding amidst tall buildings.

This over the last few months is my happy place.


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