First Kiss

A July evening, on a road with a rich canopy of trees just after the monsoon rain a young boy stops his bicycle right outside a house with a pretty garden in front.
Outside the gate stood a girl in a plain black dress, no jewellery, shoulder length hair slightly wet and a smile that lit the boys eyes.
He parked his bicycle under a tree and walked up to her  and hugged her before they walked in to the house. They went in and talked for about an hour or so and then he got up to leave and she walked him.
Before he held the door she walked up to him and stood between him and the door. He looked into her eyes and thought “this is it, I should close my eyes.”
He bent his head a little lower,  held her face in his hands and kissed her on the lips. He could not stop from peeking a glance when they kissed.
It was short and didn’t last very long as he pulled his face back and even before he could think, she said “wait, come back”.
He bent his head again and they kissed this time longer and more passionately then before.
After a long time they broke their lips apart before getting back to it, to catch their breath. And he thought “she tastes like lemonade”.


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