Teenage Drama

I wanted do something everyday, something worth blogging. It’s a cold January night, I walk old snoopy as I try to figure out what to type on the WordPress app.
I thought I’d live life differently, do things, learn things and have an adrenal rush everyday.
Things I wanted to do are happening but I am getting greedy, needy and have expectations that nobody ever promised. I justify myself by saying I’m a teenager and this is what I do,but I am doing a few things because I want to spend time with my friends and eat out or go out bowling. I’m not sure if that is right or wrong.
Bangalore isn’t cheap and to buy food in a place with seating will not go easy on your wallet, especially if you are a student who has no money coming in and you have parents who don’t believe in giving their kids allowance. The only money they believe should be given is for transport, or something they think is worth it and for food they say “why do you need money for food when you have a packed lunch?”
So I am very confused at this attitude because I have been told stories of my parents youth, where they did go out and do things, but now this hypocritical behaviour. My parents are neither poor nor have a financial crisis, so I am not being unreasonable.
The worst part is this conversation will never reach them and I will crib.
I also thought about them worrying about drug abuse, smoking and alcohol,  but they already know how much I hate all of that and thus even more annoyed.
I hate how much I’m complaining about all of these things.


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