Pink lips closed in on mine and I woke up gasping for breath. The last thing I remember was the face up close and the beautiful brown eyes looking in to mine with a gorgeous smile.
I was startled because my messages weren’t being viewed for over week and I took a hint that it was time to stop waiting.
I made good friends in the process of finding out about the pretty eyes,and I love spending time with these friends.
The dream, a painful reminder or just my brain being a bitch, I’m not sure. But I have spent some time thinking if I like just the pretty face because I did see it only once.
I also had to acknowledge that there was something more than the face I liked, something beyond the prettiness.
The smug expressions, confident walk and simplicity in dressing and the curly hair all over the face. I still skip a beat, when the memory of the kissing flashes in my head.
Getting over that face won’t be so easy.



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