Beer bottles

It was the corner table on a shady bars rooftop and four youngsters sat, eating, smoking, and drinking. They were staring into the oblivion or thinking about the intricate complexities of life or just too drunk to think straight.

All the tables around them were comparatively louder and a lot of them were older too. It was Christmas and everybody seemed to be partying but not sure what for. In pairs the youngsters went on with their private conversation and killed over an hour drinking beer and old monk, and eating the chilly chicken and masala peanuts.
After an hour and a half later one of them starts, to go back home and now there were only three  left.

The three of them sat talking and sometimes sitting quietly starting at the night sky and busy Streets. The most interesting moment in one of their heads was during the silence one of them reads out a digital board with a quote from the Bible and broke into laughter and the others chimed in. The three sat there laughing all evening.


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