Open Dosa

It was nearly circular or almost oval with seasoned, boiled, potatoes in the centre and red chutney powder sprinkled all over it. A rectangular piece of butter and loads of coconut chutney to dip the circular oval dosa.
I tore a little piece of dosa, folded it around the red potatoes and dipped it in my chutney to stuff my face. The soft dosa exploded with brilliant flavours of butter, spicy tings of chill powder and the brought back three distinct memories of dosa I’ve eaten all my life.
The first was from a little hotel just like this one in Jayanagar that was small but smelt of butter and almost always crowded.
Second is a very popular hotel called Vidyarthi Bhavan, where only your luck cab get you the yummy and tasty dosa.
The third and final one is a really old but very popular and a small hotel in Mysore.
I tuned out all the conversations as I chewed the delicate dosa with the rich chutney and beautifully boiled potatoes with red chutney powder.


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