Letters to the Sun

So you are imaging parts of it, I’m not talking much to anyone in general. I’m a little annoyed at the world for making me such a complicated piece of mass. I am happy for you on the decision you have made on working on a simple and happy career. I like how you talk about old people, it’s just like my relationship with old buildings and older wooden furniture.
Anyways I will tell you a story from when I was in school, because while eating dinner I remembered it and thought I should tell you.
I was in sixth standard, that means the year 2005 and you must have been in fifth standard. It was History class and I loved it last year but in sixth the new teacher hated me and gave me 60 on 100. I never got less than 80.
So it was after the mid term exam in class she started a conversation about what we’d do if we were a part of the freedom struggle or how would we fight for freedom.
Lots pretentious idiots said many things like fight, attack and blah blah  blah. Then she asked, if you lost the first attack how would you retaliate ?
I was the second to answer. The first kid said I will regroup or build a new army or protest or something like that and I didn’t and still don’t care.
I said, I’d join the British, work hard and build for myself a respectable place. When I’m on the inside that is when I shall break them from within into pieces so small they would never be able to reform.
Since then our relationship changed.

Ok bye,
That’s all


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