I’m in the mood to dance and sing or write poetry. But I’m stuck at my table, next to a windy window. I want scream, shout and dance, but I’m stuck to my freaking chair.
I am listening to songs I like, doing things I don’t enjoy write now. I like a song about underwear, and then I listen to a carnatic song (devotional) by the rockstar M S Subalakshmi, whom I adore.
It’s confusing, because one minute I love you, the next I don’t, later I hate you and after that, I just think your pretty.
Then a gust of wind slowed down, the birds chirped and I stared outside the window. A little bird sat there, singing, not to its friends, not to the trees, not for the bees and butterflies, but to the pretty pretty Sky.
They told it was going to never happen, yet you smiled, we spoke, laughed and tried. Where this is going, I don’t know.
I listened to people talk. I care, I cared, I’ve cared and now I don’t anymore, at least I think I don’t.


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