Bus Ride

Almost after a year I took a bus today and it was tiring, painful to stand in the bus over 20 km journey to and from Majestic to Bangalore Pride.
The walk was fun, the LGBT community, supportors, family and friends with their Children and pets. They were dressed in colourful clothes, held bright signs, with loud music and absolutely delightful people.
Spending all this time at pride and pre-Pride events makes me feel like an insider. I feel like I’ve been introduced to the secret underground and that I have witnessed something secretive and I won’t share. There I saw unicorns, fairies, angels, leprechauns, dragons and rainbow spirits.
I walked the pride with a few other friends of mine from college, who like me want to write about it for our Journalism reporting. I made new friends met old ones and it was like a reunion and I was excited.
The journey back home was tiring but the yummy chicken at home pushed me to stand longer in the terrible bus and make it home. I ate the Biryani and fry and burped then had some soda now I’m watching an interesting Telugu movie.


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