Day 16: The End

Last day of the daily journaling and I’ll have to end with what I’ve learned over the last fifteen or sixteen days and if I have identified problems or how many problems were solved. I’d be lying if I say problems were solved, solutions were found and now I’m the happiest person alive, that would be a load of bs. I have identified a lot of problems I have or have faced or created, that I want to correct.
One I can talk about is how stuck up, stupid, irritating or just ignorant I am. Stuck up to not realise the effect my actions and words have on the people I love or just socialise with, I can handle it by being more thoughtful about what I say. Stupid to not take a hint to shut up and listen to the people around, by being more sensitive to the conversation and people I’m with.
I’m very irritating because I don’t know how to let go, and I’m still looking for ways to deal with it. Ignorant of the love I’m receiving as I chase the wind, that has no consistency in movement or direction, only way to deal with that is to be grateful for everything. I may repeat my mistakes but I will definitely try till I succeed to learn from them.
Indirectly I hope to have shown an improvement in writing but the best thing I’ve gained are the followers who definitely are a boost to my happiness.



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