Day 15: Big Baby

I realised I’ve been sensitive  and rude (polite way of saying BIG  BABY). I had spent the afternoon pondering over this and realised I’m not affected by the rudeness I’m throwing at people. But  I did realise I’d be left with no friends at this rate.
The evening was simple, early dinner with friends and come back home to sleep. They decide we all should go in the same car and picked me up from a place on the route. But life and friends are annoying and they bring in a person who Hates me for I Don’t know what. We were civil, Awkward conversations and we ate and left. I also asked them to stand in for a picture before we left in the car, I was trying to fit everyone in and apparently was funny.


So the group is made up of, from the left me a mechanical engineering drop out and now a first year literature student. The three tall guys in the back are Engineers, from left Naman the birthday  boy who paid for the food, a third year chemical engineering student. The tall men behind Punit and Yusif mechanical engineerings and the last guy is Puli a soon to be doctor.


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