Day 14: Hot Chocolate and tea


It hadn’t rained all morning and I made the most of it by going to my favourite café in Koramangala. My friend joined me there and we watched the rain play hide and seek in the open cafe. The red oxide coated cement bench I sat on wasn’t getting warm but it was surprisingly comfortable.


We ordered a chocolate cake and a hot chocolate drink. The chocolate cake tasted like little pieces of chocolate flavoured clouds with warm chocolate sauce and the drink tasted like awarm watery chocolate flavoured milk based drink. The expression was about the drink.
We were talking to each other and looked at the people around us who seemed to be moving faster than the flies on the sugar cubes from our green tea.
There was a foreigner who read the newspaper and drank his black coffee as he waited for his ‘cheese’ omelette I think. But this had to wait because the most adorable baby in the world from the table behind was fascinated about the white man who wasn’t his family. The man left after he devoured his omelette and the baby was distracted by his own family of three, parents and an uncle.
The man’s place was occupied by a group of three, who ate their sandwiches and omelette and left in a hurry.
A few groups of people walked in and out for an odd reason I didn’t care about because my friend was talking about something that needed all my attention. When we were done with that we started acting silly, we stared at people walking in and out and checked their clothes out too.
I left happily and excited about going back to DYU Koramangala again.


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