Day 13: Rainy Day

It has been raining for over 24 hours and I’m stuck at home. I cancelled all my plans to go out because of the rain, and shifted between reading a book, surfing between television and my phone. Then started imaging different ways to take over the world or what I’d do when I take over the world. That thought slowly drifted into an after apocalypse world where I’m stuck with a smart, pretty and drop dead gorgeous girl. I could travel the zombie driven planet with her without having to worry about driving because the worst is already over.
Then I got hungry and ate, soon I was excited about the fact that college would reopen in three days. Then I sat staring at the window and watched it rain. Till I got up early in the evening to go out in the rain and drink lemon tea with a friend in his car.


We then drove to a park and I sat on swing as it drizzled and we talked about random things till the rain made us run back to find shelter in the car. We were joined by another and we talked till it was dark and had to turn the headlights on to go back home.


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