Day 12: Taco 🔔

A Science Student Thing

Introduction : Social outing over Lunch with an amazing group of friends

Problem : To Taste yummy food

Hypothesis : Friends and food increase efficiency of living

Plan : Meet friends, talk, eat, talk and do crazy things.

Variables : Life is a variable (Quote, unquote  Shyla)

Experimental  Control : F*** Control. Fly like a bird. Avoid grass.

Materials : Group of hungry friends,                              Wallet friendly food prices, Unlimited drinks (based on group preferences), wild and untamed imagination, gossip.

Procedures : The day begins at Bangalore central which was our meeting point, where I saw people. From there we walked to Taco 🔔. We got a tour of the locality from Varuni (the bad ass Friend) who’s school was very close. We ordered food, ate and drank till we were stuffed to start our conversations of arms which ended with Sunny Leone and got carried away. Then we strolled into the clothing stores and walked around staring at clothes we may never buy. We spoke about the awkward encounters of the day as we walked out. We stepped out to sit and take pictures. Pictures were taken and the yummy, crunchy, fleshy, soft, crunch and aromatic food was almost empty in our stomachs. My mouths watering.

Discussion : The day was Awesome.

Conclusion : We should do this again.


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