Day 9: Walking

Introspection. Today’s plan was to spend  looking back because, a friend said all my writing hints about a past, like an elephant in the room.
So I have a past, dark and disturbing, everybody does. Everybody has a past, right ? I don’t want the past to haunt me anymore and I look for a future free from these shackles. I have spent too much time holding back or thinking about and never doing. This is it, I’m doing it now and I shall not look back at a past that could probably kill me. I will not listen to that sad voice in my head anymore.
I thought it’d be a good idea to  take a walk and I walked for ten minutes. I walked  to a closed colony that had parks and a swing. I don’t like to swing but the idea or picture of just sitting on a swing and thinking appeals to me. The park was full and the swings occupied, so I called three friends who live close by and all of them were busy, luckily or unluckily this turned into an opportunity to find comfort in being alone and remembering  that I’m not lonely.
A very sad picture, so I put my headphones on and continued to write on my phone and walked around. Now I think it ain’t so bad because these streets are filled with memories from when I was younger. I’ve walked here when I was sad, happy, excited or even.

So I’m gonna continue my walk and enjoy the smile filled with lights from innocence.


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