Day 8: Under the shower

Everybody has a special place where they feel comfortable or calm or peaceful. Some of my friends’ special place include, a corner out of view, terrace, balcony, park, lips, laps and so on. My special place is under a shower, its magical, calming, peaceful and sometimes Happy.

Over the last three or four years I’ve consciously taken refuge under the shower and even earlier, I’ve loved and enjoyed showers. The shower over the last eight days has played a very important role because that is where I have spent my time preparing myself to face the day. I’ve used the soap to clean my body, mind and soul, it is where I find comfort and time, to think over and about all the troubles of life I come across.I have enough memories to constantly remind me of how happy I am when I walk out of a shower, but not very happy about walking out.

Showers are my place, I’ve sometimes sat there imagining a dream house and there I hope to have a shower that opens to the night sky where I lose myself under the stars and moon light. I see a little pond with floating candles, water lilies, and my mom knocks on the door asking me to get out before I erode.

I remember tears being washed under the shower, screams lost from the sound of water, memories being erased and made, passion burning and dying, people cuming and going and so much more. Yet I’ll never stop loving showers.


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