Day 7

I woke up to find my phone dead, put it to charge and stayed in bed for over an hour. I was thinking I need to Exercise, as I rolled  in bed and over slept for another hour.
I walked out of bed in to the shower around  9:45  and was dressed and fed to leave by 11. I waited for my dad to finish breakfast, when he started about telling me to look for an evening college to study law along with my English, Journalism and Psychology course in the morning. I explained with words why it was stupid and he says just a couple of years to get hold of the technicalities. I wanted to kill myself but     I just said no and ended that.
I took of to meet my friends at a doughnut store where four of us managed to finish only a dozen doughnuts.

The peeps eating

They kept talking about how all of today would go down as a part of my blog post. We then walked to Rex movie theatre and waited for two more of our friends to join. We then went to watch  Interstellar the movie and almost all of us loved how much the movie messed with our brains and how mind fucked we were.
Then we got out of the hall and I forced them all to take a picture and my friends thought I was showing of. I was taking pictures for the blog idiots.


Everybody left after we spent half hour just sitting and talking about the movie. I then met another friend whom I took to eat doughnuts and after that we went to Indian coffee house. I ate a dosa and she drank a lemonade.
We went to blossoms to buy “The motorcycle diaries”, but I just bought the  last two books from the “His Dark Material” trilogy. More books to read!!
I rode back home and I started  typing this as I watched a TV show called 100. Now my books are calling me for a journey beyond the physical barriers.


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