Day 5: Lazy

Today started on a lazy note and I was almost sure I will skip blogging today, but since all this is about me breaking patterns I made sure I got up and typed this shit. So I’m going to give highlights or anecdotes from the morning, afternoon and evening.

My family woke up sleep deprived since we returned late from the reception and we also had to go to the sub-register office for some paper work with my parents, sister, uncle (from day 3) and his wife. We got to the wedding late, the ritual after the wedding ceremony was for relatives to pour milk in to the hands of the bride and groom who held a coconut over a bucket to catch the milk. South Indians are the reason for the rise in milk prices, not now Shyla.

The afternoon at the sub-register office was annoying because we were dressed for a wedding and waiting when it got crowded and we shifted to outside another room. A peon walks outside tells us only the couple wait here, others please outside (for the marriage certificate). The stupidity of assumptions people make.

Evening was a talk at NGMA (National Gallery of Modern Art) about a new mural discovered in the caves of ‘Ajanta’ by William Dalrymple. It was definitely a fun and informative talk that I enjoyed with my friend Rijul. We then met a few friends from College (seniors from my branch) and we spoke and a photographer took a picture of us talking and said it could be published!

Then I made plans with Rijul for tomorrow and we had tea near my College that a lot of my friends are obsessed with. Breaking patterns is not a fun thing.


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