Day 4: Indian Wedding

The day started pretty late, like the last 13 days of holidays. The family had a wedding to go to, so everything at home seemed to be slightly slow.
The day was pretty boring till we had to leave for the wedding. That is when my dad’s older brother, his wife, son, daughter & son-in-law showed up 2hours late. My parents were annoyed that it was getting late.
The wedding is a two day deal, today is the engagement and reception after and  before which there are rituals.
We got to the wedding and we were blown away by the hall and its grandoure. It was 1pm and rituals were supposed to start by 2. We were the only lot who hadn’t had lunch, thus taken to the dining area in the basement. The food was delicious. It was a very simple meal of ragi mudde (ragi  ball) and hithakida bele (pealed pulse, I think) curry. There was pulav, plain rice, sambar, buttermilk and ghee was poured on each banana leaf like water. I’m excited for dinner.
We sat down and listened to the family gossip. The first gossip  was about an extramarital  affair, another about the brides jewellery, which was a three step necklace which easily was 200-250g of gold. Then they broke in to these small groups to star discussing the many clothes, jewellery and more  about the many women and men walking around the wedding hall.
Now the rituals have started, so everybody had to take a break from their groups, to apply turmeric  to the bride and groom.
We went home dressed up for the reception and are stuck in Traffic.
I’m  gonna go eat the yummy food but I have I feeling I might die of hunger in this Traffic jam.


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