Prisoner of Time (Wasting Time)

The clock was ticking and it felt like time was running a sprint to end the day. I sat in front of an ocean of books, paper and stationery, counting down the time left for my exam the next day. It was a supplementary exam from my engineering, which was a paper I had failed in the previous semester and I’m trying to get a pass this time.

I hated all of it, the exam, the mugging up, the subject, syllabus, teachers, parents, home, stars, sky, puppies and etc. So I was at a place where I see anything happy in life or just didn’t want to acknowledge or appreciate it all. I stopped studying and laid back on the bed to stare into oblivion looking for the lost treasure.

I remember these experiences of wandering into a magical land where there were no troubles of any sort. Exams didn’t matter homework and assignments could go to hell for all I cared. These were memories from a box, that had the key to a realm of demons, unicorns and wizards, a guide to the secret entrances to hell, a letter from Hogwarts, and a shell from Ariel, a lock of Rapunzels hair and a lot more of many other mystical objects.

Procrastination or wasting time or doing nothing is a problem we all share. A common cause for these problems is laziness. I am in the process of exploring myself and trying to find out why I’m so lazy. This process has failed so miserably that diet plans and exercise regimes seem easier.

Memories of wasting time are found in abundance around the world but the effects they have on individuals are varied. Some of them would make no difference and others are life changing. The argument is very subjective when we talk about the effect of wasting time. And yet it is undeniable because in an individual perspective they are susceptible to change.

I have wasted time before some of the most important moments or demanding situations of life and it terrifies even today how I let things come to a point of such terror. I still remember before any of the science or math exams at some point I felt like I knew nothing and I just sat there freaking out and not making the smallest attempt to study. It wasn’t like I didn’t study I just couldn’t remember or recollect a single thing I studied.

I wasn’t sure of whom to blame so I joined everybody else and blamed myself for not studying enough and ‘wasting a lot of time’. The blames went on pilling I kept accepting and procrastinated in to ignorance. The first time I even considered, maybe I’m not wasting time but I just don’t get science was when things went south with my results in PUC.

The truth in the matter was after a point Physics, Chemistry and calculus just stopped being easy to understand like computers, English and history. I found that I conveniently chose to ignore things I didn’t understand and it was easy then but didn’t pan out so well in the end. I failed my PUC, no surprise there to everybody except me and I had to work harder to clear it all in my supplementary (exam).

I assumed this would make me leave science for good but my parents happily enrolled me in to an engineering college. I thought they’d have realized but no. So history repeats and I’m out of engineering and my parents thankfully don’t make the same mistake for the third time. So wasting time has shaped my life and has left behind scars for the future to see.


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