My New Hair Cut

I walked in to class feeling naked because I got my straight nose length hair chopped the previous evening, nearly to the roots or at least that’s how I felt. I had been sporting long hair in college since, well since the beginning of college which was three maybe four months ago.

I walked into class to find two of my friends, where one thought I was somebody new walking into class and the other said “wow, wow, like wow”. Insults flew around and the comments varied from “don’t piss your barber” or “you look fat” and they sounded silly, stupid and sad. The compliments on the other hand were very flattering and still make me blush.

So I contemplated on why I got the hair cut, was it one, because everyone asked me to, or two, because it was hard to maintain or three, because I felt I looked ugly to approach the pretty face in college. I’m still not sure, it was a spur of the moment thing, and maybe all the three reasons were factors that led to it. I am unable to draw a conclusion or a concrete decision.

Nearly two weeks since the hair cut, I have hated it and loved it at so many different points that I lost track. I finally feel like I can live with it and just maybe this feeling would last, but I can’t be trusted. I have a mind so inconsistent that I can’t pick one cupcake from a box of dozen different flavored cupcakes!


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