The Queen is Dead

The curtains that blocked the sun light forever and in that darkness in a pool of red blood laid dead the queen of vampires. The scene scared the students of vampire academy and unleashed chaos that spread faster than wild fire. The body of the queen was found lying next to her bed in pool of her own blood.

The tall, long faced teacher Jack from the History of vampire department walks in and bends down. His deep set hazel brown eyes scan the queen’s body. He brushed his right hand through his brown black hair and in that movements he made sure to turn his phone recorder on. He walked closer to the queen’s body as the High inquisitor and royal guards stood there.

They started staring as he approached the queen’s body. He mentally noted down her horror struck blue eyes, her long jet black hair had been brushed and there was no comb around. Her hands were empty but crushed by the fall and her cherry bright lips partly open like she was in the middle of a chant.

He went back to look at her freshly painted face the expression seemed to be of a poker face. She wore a turquoise dress long flowing till the feet and barely covered her pale chest. Her arms were clear of bruises like her face and the rest of her body he assumed.

He stood back up and stared the curtains dark clumsy and frozen. He felt the .negative energy oozing right out of it, thus took a step back dragged his blade out to strike the curtain. Sharrrrr went a sharp noise when the metal blade struck the ember curtains and left the crowd in fear.

“What the hell was that?” screamed the High Inquisitor and stared at Jack. “This is your clue to look for the killer”, said Jack in a sharp, high and soothing voice. He took out a small glass jar out of thin air scrapped the curtain without his hands and gave the lot more instructions on how to deal with this volatile curtain.

He walked out of the room transformed in to bat and flew away. He flew past the campus and back in to his cabin to make call. He called a speed dial number and told her in a cold voice “She has been killed. The curtains have turned in to a metal”.

He walked up and down his cabin and made more calls of similar nature and then delivered similar content to them. He picked books and opened up to random pages and then let it rest. He continued to fill the house with open books and left behind page marks.

The twenty year old teacher looked like he just turned fifty years old over a really short span of sixty minutes. Jack checked his watch constantly and waited for the clock to strike nine. He opened his eyes wide and at nine dragged himself out and cast a spell.

He opened up a portal sort of a place where he tried to incant more spells to make it safe to approach. He cast more spells till he pulled out a giant box and laid it down. He opened the box and pulled out a giant sword and a long silver chain clung to it with a sapphire stone. He pulled out the chain held it to the sky and chanted till it shined bright and then came back to normal therefore he hung it around his neck.

He slid the sword in to a sheath and pulled out a sea shell crusted trident then held it in his palm till it shrunk to add it to his neck.


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