The Perfect Date

It was going to be a perfect day. I was so excited, that I hardly slept for three hours the previous night. It was Bangalore’s infamous cool and sunny morning of November. So I jumped out of my shabby double bed which I shared with my books, clothes, laptop and other random things leaving just enough place for me to sleep on it and not under or next to it! Thank god for that. I pulled the curtains to let in the sun light and opened the windows of my first floor room to run a cold breeze across my face. Everything seemed very cheerful even my neighbour’s ugly house looked pretty, first time for everything I guess!  I played my favourite playlist and turned the volume up! A brave move considering my dad would be up reading the paper, but shockingly he didn’t complain. He must have been happy I got up early on a holiday. I brushed and went to the kitchen to get my favourite mug usually filled with bournvita or filter coffee depending on my Mom’s mood. I took my hot mug of bournvita to the balcony with the sheets of paper my dad had finished reading, usually it’s the Kannada paper. I was too excited to read about anything, so I just dropped it.

I got in to the shower took a bath, quite a long one with really loud music. Walked out of the steamy shower, I picked my favourite casual shirt checked in white and green and my favourite jeans. I got dressed and sat for breakfast with my socks sticking out of my pocket, which was a signal that I had plans for the day. I had four dosas with coconut chutney, after that super south Indian breakfast I walked out and dad asked me to do a chore for him. I was shattered as this would clash with the date because I had to reach MG by 10. He asked me to go drop off a parcel in VV puram. I quickly analyzed the time and realized I could make it on time for my date if we could post pone it to 11, I then asked him cash for fuel that’s when he offered my Moms new scooter with full tank fuel and I was delighted at the thought so I jumped at the idea. It was 9:30 I could totally make to MG by 11, but I made a courtesy call which turned in to a text to inform Mansa about the detour I would be taking. I quickly got on the bike took the parcel and started to VV puram but I never analyzed the traffic I had to face but I managed to drop off the parcel on time. I made it to Church Street by 10:45. I took my phone to call Mansa only to find missed calls from her. I quickly called her back only to find out that she had been delayed and that she would need more time as she bumped in to an old friend. I was a little disappointed but equally excited about meeting her.

So I just sat in the parking area listening to music on my phone and thinking about the first time we met. 

I ran to the bus stop like my life depended on it and reached it only to miss the bus I was after, I stood under the rest with my hands on my things and panting like crazy. I took deep breaths and continued the same with my heavy back pack pushing me down. I looked to my left as I breathed and watched the bus go far, far away. Then I turned to my left and saw this beautiful girl dressed in white. I lost my breath and stood up again. I was flabbergasted, it wasn’t just her appearance but the way she was standing and moving about. The next bus came in right then like they do in Indian movies and she got in and so did I. The catch was that she stood in the front while I stood in the end. I unlike Indian movies say, got down in my stop while she went away. The next day I found her at the bus stop and this time we exchanged glance and looked away. These secret glances and smiles went on for a week, but one day she was nowhere to be found. I got in to my bus only to see her running in and looking for me!

The next day she was dressed in a gorgeous red saree and I dropped my jaw. She took the Volvo unlike every day and didn’t give me a second look till the bus started to move away. I saw that look of surprise she gave me as the bus moved away, so I took an auto to the next stop. I got in to the bus only to find her talking to some other guy, sitting next to her. I was disappointed but sat diagonally opposite to her, that was when she gave a smile and I started to fly. Today she got down at my stop and I said “Hi”. We got talking and today is a month since then. Miley cyrus starts singing wrecking ball on my phone.

It was Mansa calling asking me to walk towards Amoeba since she wasn’t sure of where I was parked. I started walking towards amoeba and I recalled our ‘whatsapp’ conversation from the previous night. The game we played on the pretext of entertaining ourselves, only to find out more about each other. It went like one of us gave a random word & the other immediately replies with the first word that pops in their head. It sounded filmy and lame since she suggested it I obliged, and it turned out to be a lot of fun there was point where things started to go ‘A’ rated if I may say! I stopped right in front of amoeba and let her know. I waited for her for 5 minutes that was when I noticed this pretty face with a tired walking towards me. Mansa walked up to me and said hi. She came closer and embraced me in a warm and friendly hug that made me melt.

 I then asked “do you wanna sit somewhere? “ and she said “ I need a new lip balm, the one I’m carrying broke and its leaked all inside my bag ”. I helped her clean out the inside of her handbag and we then started to walk down in search of the Vaseline lip care. We walked all the way till the end of MG road and since most of the stores were yet to open we really didn’t find it and as we started to walk back towards Church street we found a store on the inside nook that was just opening and we did find the lip balm and what a relief . I asked  “Wanna sit in the CCD in MG opposite to Mc Donald’s? It’s just a couple of steps away”. She said “I don’t like this CCD, why don’t we go to the one in Barton centre?  ”.

“I’ve never been to that one and I see no harm in trying it, lead the way J”.  We walked to Barton centre and on the way we talked about shopping. She spoke about how guilty she felt walking in to a clothes store and buying any because she didn’t find anything of her taste. “I feel so bad for the guy that has to fold it and I didn’t buy anything”. We walked in to the open air CCD in Barton centre we made ourselves comfortable and we went on with our conversation.

A short 30minutes later we decided to place our orders. She wanted a cool blue since that was her favourite drink and the drink she always ordered at CCD. I was confused and suggested I try the drink named ‘WTF’ and she was planning to pay when I said my treat and cleared the bill. We walked back to our table with a table number and she told me “I don’t have bad taste in clothes this is my uniform from college I know it sounds lame for a law college to have uniform but well blame the college. So Varun tell me something about your college and what you’re studying”.

 I told her about my college and that I was doing BBM and that I always wanted to do law but that my family was against it. The waitress walked up to us took the number and left us with our order. The drink was not that great but I obviously didn’t complain and our conversation had gone to a point where we started discussing our previous relationships. She told about how this guy in school was so serious he had told his Sister and took her to meet his sister who started asking if she could get their parents to meet and make this official and she freaked and said no, the guy later turned up to be a real pain in the ass. I just told her about the girls I had been with and we just started talking about everything under the sky and on the earth.

As our glasses got empty I was nervous if she would find it rude if I slurped and I was in a dilemma if I should slurp or not! Then as she emptied she did slurp and I was relieved and said “Wow, you are totally cool I would have assumed you would have found it rude if I slurped but you proved me wrong”. Then we just sat with our empty glasses and filled our minds god was helping with my bladder control but I guess he was not that very kind to her, “Varun I need to use the washroom and I don’t know where it is”. I said “Let me help you look for it”, and I walked her to the washroom.

I went in to the Men’s to check my hair in the mirror. The whole time I put up a brave front but I was freaking so much on the inside because I was on a date with a girl so pretty and beauty that went deeper than skin. I knew she was way out of my league and it was definitely brain numbing! Pictures never did do her enough justice and the perfection was beyond Greek gods.  I pulled myself together and went out quickly and retraced our steps to the seat with her.

We now started talking about actors and shared gossips she had heard and told me were genuine and all of them shocked me. We went on for another 15minutes or so till we decided to go elsewhere and talk. So we got up and walked and she excused herself to the wash room and together we made our way out. She said “let’s go to amoeba”. I said “You wanna go bowling?”, “not in the mood but actually there is a really cool place to sit”.

So she led the way to amoeba and when she said cool, she literally meant cool because we sat next to the really cool and comfortable pond. It was so romantic and when I mumbled that she heard a bit and made me repeat it out loud, and when I did she blushed a little and I took the opportunity and started pulling her pretty long legs! I for once did feel equal to her when she was blushing and smiling and I even teased her around and felt it was a really good date and that I should definitely follow up. All the while I sat there I made sure every last bit of the beautiful day was safely stored in to my brain. Sitting next to a cool blue pond with a pretty girl and her angelic smile and laugh that made my heart race and a voice so sweet I could melt by its sound.

We spent quiet some time there till we got calls from home about whereabouts and we had to move and also decided on follow up dates. I then offered to drop her to the bus stop which she graciously took on and I dropped her just close enough. She gave me a hug and smiled and said “that was so formal”, she winked and took off. My heart started to levitate and I wouldn’t have moved had it not been for the honking behind me. I started ride away in to the sunset, but then “khaboom”.


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