The Dilemma (My ride to college from home)

The engine of my scooter did not trouble me this morning. It started with just a gentle brush and I assumed it realized I was going to the petrol bunk to fill it up. It was a cold morning around 8:06 and my class started at 9 am. I left the petrol bunk around 8:20 am which meant I had barely 40 minutes to reach college which usually requires over an hour travelling in Bangalore’s traffic. So I had to ride like there was no tomorrow, but i was lucky to have not had a need to jump signals or kill people. I was waiting in a signal at Koramangala water bank, when this strange, shabby old man in his late 40s walked up to me and asked me for a lift. I curtly said “No”, but he went haywire and started yelling at me and blamed me for being “Selfish”. I was angry so I turned back shot him an angry look, he ran away. Again after a few steps when I turned back the crazy man started screaming, so I stood up, removed my helmet and gave him the ugliest look i could and the man went running away. The signal had turned green so I wore my helmet and started riding away towards college. From there till college all I could think of was if I was rude to the man and if I should have just offered him a ride. I made it to college by 8:50 and then I walked in to class with a war in my mind if it was or wasn’t the Right thing to do.


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